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WuDang Internal Martial Arts Class( Coach Class )

Wudang martial arts has a long history, It’s broad and profound.Six hundred years ago ,Wudang famous Taoist Zhang Sanfeng developed Wudang Taoism internal martial art. Wudang martial arts based on those principles: Overcoming hardness with softness, subduing the activity with serenity, and using weakness to overcome strength. It’s on a par with Shaolin.

Wudang martial arts is good for the health, It can increase longevity. Such as Master Zhang Shanfeng experience in the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasty, his length of life is inconceivable, nobody knows where he was gone. Wudang martial art is the scientific and practical in defense and attack. Martian arts practioner admired Wudang Mountain where is mystical Land, and they seek the supreme martial arts in Wudang. But only a few can get the perfect martial arts. Because the rules of Wudang is very strict, Taoism is about compassionate, They don’t want to hurt others and is demanding for lerners, they spread the martial arts just in Taoism. Another reason is some \of learners’ can’t understand the essence of the martial arts.
The Wudang Pai Fifteenth master Tian Liyang, he was monastical, practiced martial arts since many years ago. He practiced painstaking. He gets the true meaning of Wudang Internal Martial Arts. The United Nations educational appoint master Tian as inheritor of non-material cultural heritage. There is a classical and elegance training base in Wudang Mountain. Outstanding students from Master Tian‘s school are in demand, they have good treatment. Every year Master Tian was invited to Europe to spread Wudang martial arts, so there are many foreign students in the hole world now.

In order to thank the community and Wudang, carry forward Wudang martial arts, services to human society, Master Tian wants to recruit 20 foreign students who are 16 to 20 years old, to inherit and carry forward the Wudang martial arts culture. These students will be teached and trained as Wudang disciple. They will train for 3 years closed, practice the Wudang Martial Arts systematically. After the 3 years training the students can be a teacher in his/her school or to spread the Wudang martial arts and culture in his/her country.

It is the first time to recruit international students, the condition of recruit is superior, so there are many students want to come here. Master Tian promise he would teach the students with all his heart, improve their overall ability.

Application conditions
1.Unmarried persons from 16 to 20 years old, interested in the WuDang traditional martial arts.
2.No infectious disease.
3.Persons with good character who don’t smoke, drink, and don’t have bad habits.
4. Persons having a valid personal accident insurance.

1. Study fee for three years is 36,000 yuan.
2.Food and room for the first year is 18,000 yuan ,for the second year 16,800 yuan, for the third years 15,600 yuan. Therefore the hole fee for 3 years is 86,400 yuan. After three years if students want to learn more, should just pay the food and room. (Every student must pay the study fee for three years at the beginning, but he/she pays for the food and room every years Midway dropouts not refund tuition fees. For example, if you are injured and cannot continue attending the classes for at least three months or more, and are not staying at the school for all of this time, the same time will be postponed for you to practice in the school at the end of what was originally planned for you to stay. Other conditions don't apply to this rule. The Food and Room Fees ,we calculate 300 days every year. The Coach Class students have two months holiday for summer and winter every year.  If students want to stay at school,they just need to pay for Food and Room. )
3. For the living essential supplies each student must take care of himself.
4.Wu Dang martial arts coach classes students should transact Life Accident Insurance by themself.
5.If the student want to take a more advanced course of study or training after three years ,they just to pay the Room and Food Fees,no Study Fees.

Training from Monday to Friday , Saturday and Sunday are holiday. Some traditional holidays, we also have holidays .Wu Dang martial arts coach classes students have two months holidays every year. So the students can take a trip by themself ( the take a trip time is include 3 years study time) , or they can stay at school.
Morning exercise is one hour for running and practise. The morning practise is 2.5 hours. The afternoon class is 2.5 hours . Evening exercise is one hour for standing and meditation.

Learning phase
First year: Wudang martial arts basic training 、basic Quan and Knife、Spear、Stick、Sword and so on.
Second year: systematic study about Xing Yi Quan、Ba Gua Zhang、Tai-Ji Quan and so on.
Third year: Practise (conquering the unyielding with the yielding、subduing the activity with serenity、Skillfully deflected)

Special Opportunity during and after the Study
Except of the regular training within 3 years students can take part of different martial arts competition in China. After 3 years instruction the excellent students can become the certificate of master student. They will be income and registered into Wudangpai school. They will be educated as Wudang Martial Art teacher and stay in the continued development in Wudang Martial Art. They will get some money for instruction as teacher’s activity, and they can take a part of prize money, if they win a competition. If someone invitate the students of Wudang School in purpose of instruction of Wudang Martial Art in the world we arrange that they will be instructor over there. And they can open their own school in another Land. Wudangpai will support them.

Application begins from 2013.Because the places are limited, we will admit only the best applicant.

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