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WuDang Traditional Martial Arts Class

Wudang traditional martial arts Class

Learning phase:

First year:
Wudang martial arts basic training 、basic  Quan and Knife、Spear、Stick、Sword and so on.

Second year: systematic study about Xing Yi Quan、Ba Gua Zhang、Tai-Ji Quan and so on.

Third year: Practise (conquering the unyielding with the yielding、subduing the activity with serenity、Skillfully deflected)

Pay for Study Fees in full one time is 75000 yuan. If choose yearly installment: the first year is 32000 yuan, the second year is 27000 yuan, the third year is 21500 yuan.

The students can choose Food、Room standard by themselves. We calculate the Food and Room fees one year is 300 days. Every year have summer holiday for one month and winter holiday for one month. During holiday ,if student want to stay at school ,they just to pay for Room and Food.
If the student want to take a more advanced course of study or training after three years ,they just to pay the Room and Food Fees,no Study Fees.

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